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Visit to Carlisle Archives Centre

On Wednesday, 12th January 2011, 27 people gathered at the new Carlisle Archives Centre which has now replaced the old archives centre located in Carlisle Castle, although material was in fact held previously in four separate places. Tom Robson, the Archivist, had assembled a mass of maps, books and records of various kinds for us to look at. We were sorry not to be able to view the St John’s and Wythburn church registers; these have been microfilmed and can be seen at Carlisle library for the time being until the new centre is fully open. The value of the visit was partly to acquaint people with what was available, but nevertheless, some were able to gather information which added to their knowledge of their own home.

 The Centre will not be officially open until April, so we were privileged to be given access at this early stage.

 One member of the party left a small pale blue and black compact camera case with the name “Stucano” on. We have it. If you think you own it, please contact Pat or Geoff (74500).